Enjoy Next-Level Connectivity with Satellite Internet

Don't let the lack of wired internet service in your area hold you back. Satellite internet reaches places where cable, DSL, and fiber can't, including remote rural areas. Enjoy reliable, high-speed home internet for work, learning, browsing, and more, no matter where you live or when you need it with the best satellite internet companies.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet offers connectivity without cables, relying solely on a satellite dish. Signals are transmitted from an orbiting satellite to a terrestrial dish, bridging gaps for rural areas lacking cable, DSL, or fiber infrastructure. It's ideal for remote regions but may face network congestion in urban settings, leading to slower speeds and unreliable connections. Tall buildings can also interfere with signals.

Despite these challenges, mobile satellite internet remains a lifeline for rural communities, providing access to essential online services like work, education, and communication that would otherwise be inaccessible due to geographical limitations.

What are the Speeds of Satellite Internet?

When comparing internet speeds, wired connections typically offer the fastest upload and download speeds. This is because the signal can travel directly from the source to the destination with minimal obstacles. In contrast, satellite internet and TV usually have a lower speed limit compared to wired connections. The data signal must travel a longer distance (from the sky to the dish) and is less reliable when reaching your home than with a wired internet connection.

Additionally, natural barriers like mountains or bodies of water, as well as weather conditions, can impact satellite internet performance. Generally, satellite internet speeds range from 12Mbps to a maximum of 100Mbps for the highest-speed option available.

How is Satellite Internet Installed?

Satellite internet relies on a dish placed at a residence or business. Usually, you'll need to buy the dish outright and may bundle it with a WiFi modem, a necessity for satellite internet. Alternatively, you can rent the modem monthly. Since satellite dishes are semi-permanent fixtures, arranging their installation is easier if you own the property.

Installation by a service technician can take about a week. Satellite internet companies provide technicians who are trained to find the optimal dish location and securely attach it using mounts like the sloped roof, wall, or standard pole mounts, typically sized 30 inches by 30 inches. If needed, non-standard options may be suggested for the strongest signal for satellite internet and TV.

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