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Using Your Phone as WiFi: Hotspot vs. Tethering

Phone tethering allows you to use your smartphone to provide internet access to laptops and tablets when you’re away from home. Tethering involves connecting your devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a USB cable, and the feature on your phone that enables this is often called a personal hotspot. Alternatively, a mobile internet hotspot is a separate device that can connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously. Both methods use mobile

Top 5 No-Contract Internet Plans for Flexible Connectivity

Google Fiber stands out as the premier choice for the best no contract internet plans. With complimentary professional installation and equipment, it offers a transparent pricing structure without upfront or hidden fees. It provides one of the fastest and most dependable connections available at its price point. If Google Fiber is accessible in your location, it comes highly recommended. Factors to Consider When Choosing No Contract Internet Plans What to

Frontier vs. T-Mobile_ Speed, Price, and More - Decide Which Wins

Frontier vs. T-Mobile: Speed, Price, and More – Decide Which Wins

When deciding between Frontier vs T Mobile Home Internet, your choice largely depends on your internet speed requirements. Frontier offers exceptional speeds and superior performance with its fiber internet connections, though its policies can be somewhat complex. Conversely, T-Mobile internet plans simplify everything. Its uniform approach minimizes the hassle of buying, installing, and using a new internet service. However, T-Mobile only has one plan available, so you need to ensure

Best Internet for a Seamless Gaming Experience 2024

Best Internet for a Seamless Gaming Experience 2024

Slow, unreliable internet speeds and lagging connections can be a gamer’s worst enemy. However, with the right internet service, these issues can be easily resolved. Verizon Fios is the best internet provider for gaming, offering fiber connections directly to your home, resulting in the lowest average latency based on our tests. Additionally, it ranks second in average upload and download speeds. If fiber isn’t available in your area, the next

CenturyLink vs. Optimum - Which Internet Provider Suits Your Needs Best

CenturyLink vs. Optimum: Which Internet Provider Suits Your Needs Best?

CenturyLink offers excellent fiber options, including a budget-friendly 500Mbps plan and a gigabit plan with a high speed connection to the internet. Plus, there are no data caps or annual contracts to worry about. However, we are not as impressed with CenturyLink’s DSL plan, which is much slower and costs the same as the 500Mbps plan. Optimum Internet provides extremely fast plans, including several multi-gigabit options. It also offers a

Mega vs Giga Internet: What’s the Difference?

Internet providers often promote their fastest plans, but let’s be honest: for tasks like emailing and sharing culinary creations on social media, Gigabit internet is overkill. Even in a household with several users, it’s unnecessary. Gigabit speeds are more suited to activities like hosting a public web server, transferring large files, or streaming gameplay on platforms like Twitch. Now, let’s simplify the technical distinctions between internet speed Mbps vs Gbps

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