Elevate Your Viewing Experience: Fiber Optic TV Services

At present, Fiber TV stands as the benchmark for television service, offering cable subscribers the highest speeds and sharpest picture quality.

What is Fiber Optic TV?

When discussing fiber optic TV connection, we are talking about television transmitted through fiber-optic cables, similar to Fiber Internet. These cables are shielded by multiple layers and transmit data using infrared light. They consist of optical fibers, which are incredibly thin strands resembling hair. These strands can be made of plastic for short-distance communication and flexible glass for longer distances.

Fiber TV providers utilize this technology for its high bandwidth capacity, enabling the transmission of large data volumes. This capability ensures high channel counts, HD picture quality, and a dependable signal.

What are the Differences Between Fiber TV and Cable TV?

Fiber optic TV service and cable TV services share similarities but utilize distinct cables for delivering TV and internet services. Let's explore their differences:

Aspect Fiber Optic TV Cable TV
Availability Available to around 30% of the population Available to nearly 90% of the population
Pricing Fairly even pricing for bundles Fairly even pricing for bundles
Channel Counts Typically offers higher channel counts Generally offers fewer channel options
Picture Quality Generally higher reliability and more HD channels Offers HD channels but may have slightly lower reliability
Bundle Options Great for quality TV and internet bundles Suitable for budget-friendly bundles if fewer channels and slower speeds are acceptable

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Providers That Offer Fiber Optic TV

Verizon Fios is currently the only provider offering fiber optic TV connection. However, there's a significant limitation—they only extend TV services to a select number of cities along the East Coast. As the sole remaining fiber optic TV service provider, this leaves most of the country unable to access the advantages of fiber TV. Nevertheless, for residents in these fortunate areas, we endorse Verizon due to its top-notch service and competitive pricing.


Is Verizon Fios available in your region?

One of the main challenges of fiber optic TV connection is its dependency on a specific network of cables, currently installed by Verizon in limited areas such as New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; and Boston, MA. To check if Verizon Fios is available in your area, enter your zip code below.