How to Combine Cell Phone and Internet Services Into One Bundle?

Internet service providers (ISPs) globally are introducing new bundle internet and cell phone services, such as Cox Mobile and Xfinity Mobile. You have the option to combine these mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services with your internet or TV subscriptions to streamline your bills and potentially reduce costs each month. But are these best phone and internet bundles truly beneficial? Or should you remain loyal to well-known cell phone providers?

Whether you're considering internet and cell phone bundles for yourself or your family, continue reading to discover all the essential information about MVNOs and integrating cell phone services with your internet plan.

What does MVNO stand for?

If you've recently received promotional material from an internet provider, chances are you've come across MVNO services like Xfinity Mobile or Spectrum Mobile. These MVNOs are essentially the cellular plans branded by their associated ISP.

By transitioning to an MVNO, you'll still enjoy standard internet and cell phone bundles feature such as 5G access, mobile hotspot service, and generous data caps similar to those offered by larger providers. In many instances, you'll experience nearly identical service quality—MVNOs utilize the cellular networks of Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, so concerns about signal drops or coverage issues when switching to an MVNO are typically alleviated.

Plans: Bundle Internet and Cell Phone

With an MVNO, you pay a lower price for cell phone service. But do you receive additional benefits? Let's examine what is included with an MVNO's cell phone service.

Data Caps and “Unlimited” Data

MVNO's best phone and internet bundles have data caps like internet plans. Each month, you get a set amount of data. Once you reach this limit, you pay extra or face slower speeds. MVNOs offer "unlimited" plans with 30 GB or 50 GB caps, while basic plans might have 1 GB or 5 GB caps. Major providers have similar 50 GB caps but may offer truly unlimited data for a fee. If you use your phone for light browsing, a smaller plan works, but for heavy streaming, go unlimited with home internet and cell phone bundles.

Transferring your cell phone service

Fortunately, there's no need to exchange or purchase new cell phones for your family when switching to an MVNO. MVNOs such as Optimum Mobile support the newest Apple, Google, and Samsung smartphones. Additionally, if you're using an older or international smartphone, MVNOs offer compatibility tools to determine if your device works with their network.

Traffic prioritization with MVNOs

MVNOs, competing with major providers, often face traffic prioritization issues. During high traffic, some users experience slower speeds, a disadvantage compared to major carriers. While some MVNOs offer priority boosts for a fee, many users face lower prioritization.

MVNOs tend to be unclear about their policies, which can affect users based on location and usage. Rural areas may have consistent speeds, but urban areas may suffer prioritization. Users focused on budget might tolerate this, but heavy smartphone users should understand their MVNO's policy before committing to home internet and cell phone bundles.

Cell Phone Offers & Deals

If you're searching for new deals to bundle internet and cell phone with Xfinity Mobile or Spectrum Mobile, you're unlikely to find significant offers. MVNOs may occasionally provide temporary discounts or small trade-in incentives, but they primarily focus on cell phone service.

In contrast, major cellular carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile frequently offer enticing incentives like $1,000 trade-in bonuses, complimentary streaming service subscriptions, and gift cards to attract customers. While service costs may be higher with these carriers, their deals could be the best phone and internet bundles that are worthwhile if you're already investing in streaming services or interested in additional perks.

Is combining cell phone and internet services worth it?

Home internet and cell phone bundles represent ISPs' latest strategy to retain customers, and there are numerous advantages to MVNOs. While MVNOs may lack the extensive features of major providers, they excel at providing affordable basic phone service. If you're seeking cheaper cell phone service and already utilize an ISP offering cell phone plans, we suggest reconsidering internet and cell phone bundles.