Top Cheap Internet Deals in May 2024: Get Connected & Save

Ditch the internet bill shock! We researched affordable plans and cheap internet service providers, all hovering around $50/month. Enjoy decent speeds and generous data allowances without breaking the bank. Compare features and find the perfect budget-friendly option for your streaming, gaming, and browsing needs. Save money and stay connected – it's that simple!

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Compare Top Affordable Internet Plans: Fast Speeds, Low Prices

We focused on widely available affordable internet plans and cheap internet service providers starting at 100 Mbps download speeds. While you could potentially save a few bucks by sacrificing speed, slow internet can be frustrating, especially during streaming or online gaming. Our goal is to find you cheap internet that delivers a smooth experience, not a headache.

Forget overpaying for fast internet! These providers understand that affordability matters. Discover potential deals, equipment inclusions, and add-on options available with these budget-friendly internet providers.

1. Xfinity Fast Takes Top Spot for Best Budget Internet

Thanks to recent network upgrades, Xfinity now offers 400 Mbps download speeds in some areas for cheap internet deals at just $50 per month. This makes their "Fast" plan one of the most affordable high speed internet options available from a major provider. While it might not be ideal for heavy streaming or large downloads, it's a fantastic deal for basic internet needs.

Keep in mind that Xfinity's internet prices vary by location. Check our main Xfinity page for a comprehensive overview of their pricing across the country.

2. CenturyLink: Top choice for rural DSL internet

Offering 300 Mbps download speeds, Optimum 300 delivers the most affordable high speed internet with enough bandwidth for a busy household. Download movies, stream shows, and enjoy online gaming without lag – all at a fantastic price point.

Starting at just $40 per month, it stands out as one of the most affordable cable internet plans with these speeds. Compared to most competitors charging closer to $50 for similar plans, Optimum's price is truly competitive. Plus, their staggered price increases ensure you won't face a sudden jump in cost after the introductory period.

Additionally, explore our guide on Brightspeed vs. Optimum to gain more insights and reviews.

3. Spectrum: The Perfect Fit with Flexible Contract Options

Spectrum's most affordable internet plans offer significant value. Starting at $39.99-$49.99 per month, it stands out with a free modem included, potentially saving you around $10 per month compared to leasing one. Plus, Spectrum's no-contract plans provide flexibility, allowing you to adjust your service without early termination fees.

Spectrum also offers a competitive TV plan with attractive pricing for premium channel add-ons. Explore more details on our Spectrum page.

4. Verizon Fios 300/300: The Internet Customers Love

Verizon Fios 300/300 delivers on its promise: most affordable high speed internet. This fiber-optic plan utilizes some of the fastest and most reliable internet lines in the US, ensuring smooth performance even during peak usage times. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to lightning-fast downloads and uploads.

Customer satisfaction is another strong point for Verizon Fios. Consistently ranking high in our annual survey, they prioritize resolving any internet issues promptly and efficiently.

And the plan name itself speaks volumes – matched 300 Mbps download and upload speeds. Unlike many ISPs that downplay slow upload speeds, Verizon Fios delivers equal power in both directions. This means uploading large files, video calls, and sharing your online creations becomes a breeze.

With Verizon Fios 300/300, get ready to experience the internet that truly keeps up with your digital life. It might even help you become the next viral sensation!

5. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet: Rural Internet Savior

T-Mobile 5G Home cheap internet deals offer flexible service and potentially some of the most affordable rates, especially for existing T-Mobile customers. With a qualifying Magenta MAX plan, you can snag internet for just $40/month. However, availability in rural areas depends heavily on your location and T-Mobile's coverage. Unlike traditional cable providers, you'll enjoy stable pricing and avoid hidden fees like equipment rentals. Read our blog if you want to learn and explore the potential of 5G technology to better understand 5G home internet.

How To Save On Internet?

1. Avoid Overage Fees:

Internet overage fees can be a nasty surprise. Here's how to steer clear:

Monitor your usage: Most cheap internet service providers offer tools to track your data consumption. Keep an eye on your progress and adjust your habits if nearing the limit.

2. Buy Your Modem/Router:

Owning your own modem and router offers several benefits:

3. Apply for Government Assistance:

Government programs exist to help low-income households access affordable internet:

4. Sign Up for Slower Internet:

While high speeds are tempting, sometimes slower internet can be a budget-friendly option: