Top Internet and Mobile Bundles of 2024

Smart consumers seek to bundle services such as TV, internet, and home phone for the convenience of consolidated billing and discounts. But what if you could also include cell phone service with your internet service provider's (ISP) plan?

Many ISPs now offer their own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services, providing ISP cell phone plans with features like 5G support and unlimited local calls. If you're considering the best bundle deals for internet and phone, we'll outline what the leading MVNOs offer.

Considering a bundle of cable TV and cell phone services? Unfortunately, no savings await. The internet is the key factor for securing the best bundle deals for internet and phone. Some MVNOs may require an ISP internet plan before offering cell service, while others offer discounts for bundling.

Cable TV can still be included, but no monthly discounts apply. MVNOs like Spectrum Mobile offer superior service compared to typical prepaid providers, operating on Verizon's network for features like 5G and hotspot support. Verizon and AT&T offer bundle discounts with internet service, along with perks like larger data caps and free streaming subscriptions.

Our leading ISP cell phone plans offer similar benefits: outstanding cell phone coverage, competitive pricing, and exceptional value. Here's what you should know about the top cell phone and internet bundles.

Xfinity Mobile:

For $15.00 monthly, The Gig plan offers the best bundle deals for internet and phone, with better data cap pricing than Spectrum Mobile, suitable for families needing ample data without opting for Unlimited. Xfinity Mobile's Unlimited plans include 50 GB data caps, with pricing decreasing as you add lines. For example, the Unlimited Intro plan costs $30.00 monthly for one line and $15.00 monthly for four lines.

Adding at least five people to an Unlimited plan makes Xfinity Mobile a better choice over Spectrum Mobile. Xfinity's $15.00 per line Unlimited Intro plan is cheaper than Spectrum's Unlimited Data plan ($29.99/mo. with more than two lines). We recommend Xfinity Mobile for large families with Xfinity Internet bundles service. See our Xfinity Mobile review for more details.

Verizon Wireless Unlimiteds:

Verizon's Unlimited Internet and mobile bundles, while pricier than Optimum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile, offer excellent value with features like a 50 GB mobile data cap, unlimited data, discounted rates for additional devices, free international coverage, hotspot data caps, and a Disney Bundle subscription.

The best phone and internet bundles with Verizon Fios or Home Internet can save up to $30 per month. Despite the premium pricing, discounts based on the number of lines make it a cost-effective choice, particularly for existing Verizon internet customers.

Spectrum Mobile:

Spectrum Mobile, available exclusively to Spectrum Internet customers, offers budget-friendly internet and mobile bundles. The By The Gig plan costs $14.00 monthly for 1 GB of data, with additional data available for $14.00 per gigabyte. Family members share the data pool at $14.00 per new phone line monthly, which is ideal for multiple users.

Spectrum Mobile's Unlimited Data ($45.00 monthly) and Unlimited Plus ($55.00 monthly) plans offer larger data caps per line. However, savings are limited to two lines, unlike competitors Xfinity Mobile and Optimum Mobile, which now offer 50 GB data cap plans. For affordable cell phone plans alongside Spectrum Internet service, consider Spectrum Mobile.

Optimum Mobile:

Optimum Mobile offers four plans: 1 GB, 3 GB, Unlimited, and Unlimited Max. Unlike Xfinity and Spectrum, Optimum Mobile doesn't require an Optimum internet subscription, but non-Optimum customers face an extra $10 to $15 per plan. Optimum Mobile provides special internet and mobile bundles for Optimum subscribers.

With the Unlimited GB plan (with a 20 GB data cap), each additional line saves $5 monthly, up to five lines, costing $25.00 per line for a family of five. Bundling Optimum Mobile with Optimum Internet can save up to $15.00 monthly on your bill. Optimum Mobile suits existing Optimum Internet users seeking extra savings.

AT&T Wireless:

Similar to Verizon Wireless, AT&T offers higher-priced plans with enhanced features compared to MVNOs like Spectrum Mobile. AT&T's primary phone plans include Unlimited Starter® SL ($30.99–$65.99/mo.), Unlimited Extra EL ($35.99–$75.99/mo.), and Unlimited Premium® PL ($45.99–$85.99/mo.).

Staggered line discounts of $5 to $15 per month are available based on the number of lines. While AT&T offers fewer complimentary perks than Verizon, such as smaller hotspot data caps and no Disney Bundle subscription, its plans are roughly $5 cheaper. The best phone and internet bundles can save up to $20.00 monthly. Consider AT&T bundles for existing internet customers seeking benefits like generous data caps, despite fewer complimentary perks.

T-Mobile Magenta MAX:

The standard price for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is $60 per month. However, by adding one Magenta MAX plan, you'll receive a $20 monthly discount. The Magenta MAX plan offers the best phone and internet bundles, such as unlimited full-speed mobile data, 5G support, and 40GB of hotspot data. Additionally, subscribers enjoy complimentary subscriptions to Netflix and Apple TV+.