editorial rating (3/5)

Price: $39.99–$154.99/mo.

Internet speed: 500–5,000 Mbps

Data cap: Unlimited

Top packages Price* Download speeds Upload speeds up to Channels Details
Fiber 500
Our pick
$39.99/mo.* 500 Mbps 500 Mbps N/A
Fiber 1 Gig $59.99/mo.† 1,000 Mbps 1,000 Mbps N/A
Frontier Fiber 500 + YouTube TV
Cheap bundle
$102.98/mo. 500 Mbps 500 Mbps 100+

Is Frontier Good for Internet and Home Phone Services?

Frontier Fiber, the fiber-optic internet service by Frontier, delivers high-speed downloads at cost-effective rates, making it a desirable choice. Accessible in 23 states, it is most prevalent in California, Texas, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, and Arizona. It's crucial to distinguish Frontier Fiber from Frontier's DSL internet service, which spans 27 states. If Frontier's DSL is your sole option, contact them to ascertain the available speeds in your area.


Deals on Frontier

Sign up for Frontier Fiber Internet now and enjoy a $10 monthly discount on the Frontier Fiber 500 and Fiber 1 Gig plans. Additionally, with the Fiber 2 Gig plan, receive a $200 Visa Reward Card. Exclusive to the Fiber 2 Gig plan, this promotion caters to larger households with high internet usage.

Unlike other services that charge for premium routers, Frontier includes a top-notch router with every Frontier Fiber plan. The Frontier Fiber 2 Gig, Fiber 1 Gig, and Fiber 500 plans feature the Amazon eero Wi-Fi router. For the fastest Wi-Fi experience, the Fiber 5 Gig plan includes the TP-Link Archer AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E router, coupled with free My Premium Tech Pro support for any troubleshooting needs.

Frontier Internet Plans and Bundles

Packages Price* Download speeds Upload speed up to Internet type Details
Frontier Internet $64.99/mo.* N/A N/A DSL
Fiber 500 $39.99/mo.† 500 Mbps 500 Mbps Fiber
Fiber 1 Gig $59.99/mo.‡ 1,000 Mbps 5,000Mbps Fiber
Fiber 2 Gig $59.99/mo.‡ 2,000 Mbps 2,000 Mbps Fiber
Fiber 5 Gig $154.99/mo.** 5,000 Mbps 5,000 Mbps Fiber

Frontier operates two internet networks across the US: Frontier Fiber and Frontier Internet. The Frontier Fiber plans, particularly the value-packed Frontier Fiber 500 package, are noteworthy. Frontier's Fiber 500, offering 500 Mbps download speeds, stands out as an exceptional choice and is recommended, especially given its affordability at $10 less than comparable plans.

For those seeking gigabit speeds, Frontier Fiber Gig utilizes the fiber-optic network, providing 1,000 Mbps. While it may not be the most economical gigabit plan, the speed it offers justifies the cost.

Frontier also features a DSL internet plan known as Frontier Internet, with download speeds varying by location. For more details, refer to the link provided in the table above.

Final Take: Is Frontier worth it?

Residing in a region with Frontier Fiber makes it a superb choice for internet services, and our customer survey indicates reliable customer support as well. We particularly endorse Frontier Fiber's 500 plan.

Frontier Homephone Plan

Provider Price starting from Details
Frontier $30.99 /m

Frontier Internet Equipment

Frontier Internet is compatible with various routers, including models such as the Arris NVG443B and the Netgear D220D. The Frontier FiberOptic® Gateway Router, Arris NVG468MQ, is pre-configured with Wi-Fi enabled. You have the option to modify the Frontier router password and adjust its security settings as needed.

Frontier FAQ

  • Is Frontier Fiber the optimal internet choice?
    While we appreciate Frontier Fiber's speed and affordability, it's not the sole fiber internet option. In regions with Frontier Fiber (California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas), alternative high-speed providers exist. AT&T offers affordable, high-speed internet plans, while Xfinity provides enticing bundles for internet and TV.
  • Does Frontier offer TV and internet packages?
    Frontier doesn't provide its TV service, but you can bundle YouTube TV with Frontier's internet plans, saving customers $120 in the first year.
  • What is the monthly cost of Frontier Internet?
    Frontier offers various internet services, with monthly bills ranging from $39.99 to $154.99, depending on the available network in your location.
  • Is Frontier Internet unlimited?
    All Frontier Internet packages feature unlimited data, eliminating concerns about data caps and unexpected charges.
  • Is Frontier discontinuing TV services?
    Frontier doesn't offer TV service independently, but customers can bundle YouTube TV with the internet, enjoying a $120 discount in the first year.
  • Can I access Frontier Internet and TV in my area?
    To check Frontier's availability in your area, enter your zip code below. We'll compare it with our database, ensuring a worry-free assessment without sharing or keeping your information.


For our Xfinity reviews, we spent hours analyzing Xfinity plans for areas including price, performance, and channel counts to see how they stacked up against the competition. We also drew from our annual internet customer satisfaction and TV customer satisfaction surveys to see how real Xfinity customers felt about the provider.


West Region Double Plays: Internet for 24 months. No term contract. Includes $10/mo automatic payments and paperless billing discount. Taxes not included. Unlimited data and WiFi equipment included for new Xfinity Customers only for 24 months. Not available in all areas. TV has No term contract. Does not include $19.20/mo broadcast TV fee and $11.50 regional sports fee; price subj to change. Taxes and TV equipment not included.