CenturyLink vs. Optimum: Which Internet Provider Suits Your Needs Best?

CenturyLink vs. Optimum - Which Internet Provider Suits Your Needs Best

CenturyLink offers excellent fiber options, including a budget-friendly 500Mbps plan and a gigabit plan with a high speed connection to the internet. Plus, there are no data caps or annual contracts to worry about. However, we are not as impressed with CenturyLink’s DSL plan, which is much slower and costs the same as the 500Mbps plan.

Optimum Internet provides extremely fast plans, including several multi-gigabit options. It also offers a two-year price lock, which is a significant advantage given how often other providers increase their prices. However, Optimum receives much lower customer satisfaction scores in critical areas like price and overall satisfaction, indicating that customers are not particularly pleased with the service.


Comparing Plans and Pricing: CenturyLink vs. Optimum

CenturyLink Internet plans have recently expanded its fiber options, providing greater variety and lower prices in certain markets. While its DSL plan is average, we only suggest it if alternatives are scarce. Optimum offers both fiber and cable internet, boasting competitive introductory prices and, in select areas, blazing multi-gigabit speeds.

Pricing and Plans Offered by CenturyLink

CenturyLink's fiber plan offers a high speed connection to the internet at an affordable rate. The gigabit plan, with its 940 Mbps speeds, is widely popular and versatile for various online activities. Moreover, its monthly cost is hard to beat.

However, the real gem is the 500Mbps plan, priced at just $50 per month, making it one of the most competitively priced fiber plans available. With 500Mbps, most users will have more than enough bandwidth for streaming, gaming, and other online tasks.

If CenturyLink's fiber service isn't available in your area, you'll have to settle for their DSL service, which is only recommended if you have limited alternatives. DSL relies on outdated landline phone infrastructure and typically offers slower speeds, which may not meet the needs of many users. It's best avoided for households with high internet usage or those requiring a reliable connection for streaming and video conferencing.

Pricing and Plans Offered by Optimum

Optimum Internet outshines CenturyLink when it comes to introductory prices and speed choices. Optimum offers a wider range of plans to choose from, along with more promotions and deals. Previously, customers experienced significant price increases after 12 months, but Optimum has now introduced a two-year price lock for new customers, making its plans more affordable and reducing concerns about inflated prices.

If you prioritize speed, Optimum is the better choice over CenturyLink Internet plans. In addition to the standard 940Mbps gigabit plan, Optimum now offers 2,000 Mbps and 5,000 Mbps plans, joining other providers like AT&T in offering ultra-fast speeds. While such speeds may not be necessary for everyone, not all of Optimum's service areas may have access to them. Nevertheless, it's impressive that Optimum has introduced these capabilities for select customers.

Additional Charges: CenturyLink vs Optimum

Both CenturyLink and Optimum charge fees for installation and equipment, although Optimum's equipment fees are typically lower. Optimum's modem rental fee is $5 less per month, and you aren't required to pay for a self-install kit as you would with CenturyLink. However, CenturyLink Internet plans do waive the cost for both the modem and installation with their fiber gigabit plan.

Customer Feedback: CenturyLink vs. Optimum

Both CenturyLink and Optimum rank lower in our annual customer satisfaction survey compared to providers like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.

However, CenturyLink and Optimum take the lead in most categories when compared directly. It outperforms Optimum in terms of reliability, customer service, and overall satisfaction. CenturyLink also ranks highly in price, making it into the top five in that category.

We suspect that CenturyLink's satisfaction ratings may be lower because some customers are using its middling DSL service. However, CenturyLink also offers a high speed connection to the internet which is a much faster and more reliable fiber service that has received high praise from customers in the past.

Making the Decision: CenturyLink vs Optimum

While Optimum Internet offers impressive speed and pricing options, its low customer satisfaction ratings make its deals less appealing in the long term. CenturyLink emerges as the winner, particularly with its fiber offerings, providing excellent service with fast speeds and reliable pricing.

However, if faced with choosing between Optimum and CenturyLink's slower DSL service, Optimum would be the preferred choice.

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